Mission Statement
SIGCSE is to provide a forum for educators to discuss issues related to the development, implementation, and/or evaluation of computing programs, curricula, and courses, as well as syllabi, laboratories, and other elements of teaching and pedagogy.

Computer Science Educators

Membership (as of June 2015)
A total of 2,319 members representing 63 countries.

The following awards are presented annually:

SIGCSE is managed by an elected Board of volunteers. The Board consists of a chair, vice chair, secretary, treasurer, and three "at large" members.

Historical list of officers.

Annual Events
The following events are held annually:

Other Activities
In addition to sponsoring events and awarding awards, SIGCSE is active in many other ways:

  • Publications - SIGCSE sponsors the ACM Inroads magazine and also publishes a quarterly newsletter the bulletin.
  • Mailing Lists - Two moderated mailing lists for announcements and discussion of topics of general interest to SIGCSE members are supported.
  • Special Projects - SIGCSE awards a limited number of grants to help its members investigate and introduce new ideas in the learning and teaching of computing.
  • Speaker's Fund - This project supports the dissemination of outstanding SIGCSE/ITiCSE presentations to other venues.
  • In Cooperation Events - SIGCSE will lend its name to non-SIGCSE events that are fully sponsored by other non-profit organizations.
  • Committees - The Committee Initiative encourages all SIGCSE members to participate in substantive discussions on areas of community interest, with the goals of investigating topics in depth and culminating with substantive reports.
  • Resources - SIGCSE maintains resources for the computing education community, for example a list of Ph. D. programs and a list of places to publish.