Special Project Grants

Deadlines: May 15th and November 15th

Since 2003 SIGCSE has awarded a limited number of Special Projects Grants each year. These grants help SIGCSE members investigate and introduce new ideas in the learning and teaching of computing. Projects must provide some clear benefit to the wider disciplinary community in the form of new knowledge, developing or sharing of a resource, or good practice in learning, teaching, or assessment.

The List of Previous Projects displays an amazing depth and breadth of productive work performed for the computing education community through the work of the investigators and the support of SIGCSE.

The Application Process is relatively informal. Proposal submissions will be considered twice per year, with deadlines of May 15 and November 15. Applications must indicate the purpose of the project, how the project will be conducted, expected outcome, start date and duration, how the project will provide benefit to the disciplinary community, the plan for sharing the results and encouraging adoption by others, a budget and a brief justification for the budget. In addition to the specified project outcomes, successful proposers also agree to:

  • Produce a brief report on their completed project for the SIGCSE Board.
  • Publish results for the SIGCSE community, for example as papers or posters at such SIGCSE-sponsored conferences as the Symposium, ITiCSE, and ICER, or by submitting to such computer science education publications as ACM Inroads or ACM Transactions on Computing Education.

You must be a SIGCSE member to be eligible for a Special Project Grant.

Send any questions to: apply@sigcse.org.