Committee Management

SIGCSE's Committee Initiative encourages all SIGCSE members to participate in substantive discussions on areas of community interest, with the goals of investigating topics in depth and culminating with substantive reports.

While these Committees will be largely self-directed, some guidelines will provide structure and guidance:

  • Membership on any Committee will be open to any SIGCSE member, although
  • The SIGCSE Board will appoint two to four facilitators for each Committee to help in discussions and in the preparation of draft materials.
  • Each Committee will have its own listserv for communication.
  • Each Committee will study its topic with the intent of producing a report.
  • While formal Committee work would proceed electronically, Committee members might meet informally at conferences (e.g., at Birds-of-a-Feather sessions), for those members who can attend.
  • Committees are invited to present draft reports at conferences or to post their drafts on the Web in order to received feedback.
  • Final reports may be presented at conferences and/or published in the SIGCSE Bulletin.
  • After issuing a report, a Committee normally would dissolve, although a new Committee might be formed (possibly with new facilitators) to address related matters.

Committee List-Servs
While SIGCSE wants to communicate with its members regarding opportunities for participation in Committees, SIGCSE also wants to minimize e-mail to those who do not want to participate. This has led to the following preliminary approach regarding e-mail and listservs:

  • is SIGCSE's listserv for official SIGCSE announcements only. The listserv cannot be used for materials that originate outside the ACM or SIGCSE organization. Further, discussion of announcements is not allowed, as folks cannot reply to SIGCSE-announce.
  • is SIGCSE's listserv for general discussion.
  • Specialized Committee listservs: When a Committee is established, SIGCSE will work with ACM to create a listserv specifically for that Committee's work. Thus, Committee business will go just to those who are interested and sign up. Currently, the following listservs are active: