SIGCSE volunteer positions

Approved by the SIGCSE Board: March 9, 2017
Updated: October 29, 2017

SIGCSE volunteer positions requiring Board approval

Conference organizers:

  • ICER program co-chairs (2 year term)
  • ICER site co-chairs (2 year term)
  • ITiCSE co-chairs (1 year term with another year serving on conference committee prior to hosting conference)
  • Technical Symposium co-chairs/ program co-chairs (1 year as program co-chair, 1 year as conference co-chair)

Event organizers

  • DC coordinators (2 year term)
  • New Educators’ workshop organizers (2 workshops)
  • Chairs’ Roundtable organizers (2 workshops)

Note that the New Educators’ and Chairs’ Roundtable workshops are run on alternate years.

Other positions

  • Symposium site selection committee chairs (4 year term)
  • Symposium site selection pool members (ongoing)
  • Symposium exhibitor liaisons (3 year term, renewable once)
  • Symposium registration team member (3 year term, renewable once)
  • ITiCSE Steering committee members (3 year term)
  • Bulletin editors (3 year term, renewable once)
  • Communication administrators for: listservs, ICER submission/database, ITiCSE submission/database, SIGCSE Technical Symposium submission/database, (3 year term, renewable once)
  • Social media coordinator (3 year term, renewable once)
  • Special Projects/Speaker’s Fund/Travel Grant reviewers (3 year term, renewable once)

Positions that are not approved by the SIGCSE Board but solicit input

  • ACM Inroads editors