Creating a Committee

SIGCSE's Committee Initiative encourages all SIGCSE members to participate in substantive discussions on areas of community interest, with the goals of investigating topics in depth and culminating with substantive reports.

The SIGCSE Board expects that SIGCSE Committees will emerge from on-going discussions, interests, and concerns of the membership. The main criteria are that

  • a Committee addresses a need or issue expressed by several members of the SIGCSE community;
  • the Committee have a well-defined, clear focus; and
  • appropriate facilitators are identified to guide Committee deliberations.

While the SIGCSE Board is flexible in the process leading to the appointment of a Committee, the following may suggest some possible scenarios:

  1. Initial title suggested: To date, initial topics have come from individuals, brainstorming at SIGCSE Symposia, e-mail correspondence with the SIGCSE Chair, and SIGCSE Board discussions.
  2. Title/charge clarified: Discussion with the SIGCSE Chair may help refine the main topic and clarify the issue(s) a Committee might address and indicate who might want to participate in a potential Committee.
  3. Committee Initiated: When a title seems well defined and when discussion seems to have crystallized on a focus, the SIGCSE Board will formally appoint two to four facilitators to convene a Committee to address the topic.
  4. Committee Constituted: Once facilitators are identified, two additional details will lead to the actual constitution of a Committee.
    • The Committee will be publicized to the SIGCSE membership through the general SIGCSE listserv: href=""> Thus, all interested SIGCSE members will be invited to join.
    • SIGCSE will work with ACM to establish a special Committee listserv. Those interested in the topic should join to enhance communication.