Speaker's Fund

Since 2005 SIGCSE has provided a Speaker's Fund (formerly known as Outreach Grant program). The SIGCSE Speaker's Fund supports the dissemination of outstanding SIGCSE Technical Symposium, ITiCSE Conference, or ICER Workshop presentations to other venues. The program is open to any non-ACM conference holding "In-Cooperation" status with SIGCSE. Conference organizers may apply for funds to bring one or more speakers from recent Symposium/ITiCSE/ICER gatherings to the meeting to repeat their presentations. Although we expect most proposals will be for paper presentations, we will also consider support for other types of presentations, such as panels or workshops. Expansion of previous presentations, for example from a 30 minute presentation to a 60 minute presentation, is also appropriate.

The List of Previous Speaker's Fund Awards shows the diversity of presentations that have been made available to a wider audience through this program.

The Application Process is relatively informal. Applications must indicate:

  • the name and dates of the In-Cooperation conference
  • the name of the presenter
  • what will be presented and when it was originally presented at SIGCSE/ITiCSE/ICER
  • a requested amount with a description of how the funds will be used
  • a brief statement of reasons why the presentation was selected

Funding is limited to $1000 per conference, per year. Funds are for travel support only (transportation, accommodation, meals), not for registrations or honorariums. The level of funding is subject to the quality of proposals received and the availability of funds.