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SIGCSE 2010 Special Projects Showcase

Saturday 13th March 2010
10.40am - 11.55am
Room 101CD

The Taulbee Report For the Rest of US

Michael Goldweber
Xavier University

The Taulbee report provides valuable data regarding the state of CS education at Ph.D. granting institutions. This proposed project will undertake a representative survey of both undergraduate-only and Master's programs in the US. The goal of this survey project is to complete the picture regarding the state of CS education.

Building a multi-perspective digital library to facilitate teaching computing research methods across the curriculum

Hilary Holz & Anne Applin
CSU East Bay & Ithaca College

The project will build a sense-making multi-perspective digital library using Greenstone. One student will be developing and modifying software to meet the needs of the multi-perspective aspect of the library under the direction of Hilary. One student will assist in populating the MPDL under the direction of Anne.

Accessible Software Engineering for the Visually Impaired (ASE-VI)

Stephanie Ludi
Rochester Institute of Technology

Success in a software development results from preparation and practice. For visually impaired students course materials and assignments often pose challenges due to the visual presentation of many software engineering concepts. ASE-VI is a resource for computing educators, consisting of a set of accessible course modules and online community support.

RAT: a Relational Algebra Tutor

Feng-Jen Yang
University of North Texas

An intelligent tutoring system to assist the learning of relational algebra.