Hosting an ITiCSE Conference

The Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education conference (ITiCSE) is the premier international computer science education conference in Europe. Held annually in June or July, ITiCSE has broad international participation and is governed by a steering committee with representation from ACM SIGCSE, ACM Europe, and Informatics Europe. Typically, ITiCSE conferences are held at the university campus of the Conference Chair/host.

The conference venue and host city requirements are:

The host institution must be able to provide:

  • A lecture hall for the plenary sessions seating 250 or more people.
  • Three lecture halls for parallel sessions each seating 80 or more people. The plenary space may double as a parallel session location.
  • A poster session/coffee break space large enough to hold 250 or more people. Depending on climate and weather, this could be an outdoor space.
  • Ten or so rooms, each seating 10 or more people, with printer access for working groups.
  • A lunch space: This could be the coffee break space if lunches are catered, or a close by cafeteria/food court/dining hall/restaurant.
  • All lecture halls must support computer projection.
  • ALL spaces used for the conference must provide a secure robust WiFi network.
  • Furthermore, all the above need to be in close proximity to each other and meet or exceed appropriate accessibility standards.

The host city should also support:

  • Suitable housing options for delegates (on and/or off campus), hopefully within walking distance to the conference venue.
  • A robust and diverse set of dining opportunities from the inexpensive to the expensive.
  • Transportation options, if appropriate, between the conference venue, housing locations, and the city center and/or dining options.
  • Easy access to an international airport.
  • Excursion opportunities.