16th SIGCSE TS 1985

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Proceedings SIGCSE '85: Proceedings of the sixteenth SIGCSE Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education
DatesMarch 14-15, 1985 
VenueMarriott Hotel
LocationNew Orleans, LA, USA
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1985 Awards

1985 SIGCSE Award for Outstanding Contribution to Computer Science Education
Elliot Organick. Founder of SIGCSE, author and disseminator of the MULTICS operating system, author of several widely disseminated textbooks in programming languages and first computer courses.

Publication Acceptance Rates

accepted submitted acceptance rate
papers 68 N/A N/A

Symposium Committee

Symposium Chair

  • Della T. Bonnette
    University of Southwestern Louisiana

Program Chair

  • Harriet G. Taylor
    Louisiana State University

Special Sessions

  • Nell Dale
    The University of Texas at Austin