22nd SIGCSE TS 1991

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Proceedings SIGCSE '91: Proceedings of the twenty-second SIGCSE Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education
DatesMarch 7-8, 1991 
LocationSan Antonio, TX, USA
VenueSan Antonio Convention Center
ThemeEducation, Research, Industry: Keep the Information Flowing
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1991 ACM SIGCSE Award for Outstanding Contribution to Computer Science Education

David Gries

Contributions to Computer Science Education through textbooks and teaching enabling critical thinking, formal methods and the application of logic to the discipline.

Publication Acceptance Rates

accepted submitted acceptance rate
papers 60 175 34%
panels 11
special sessions 1
posters 43
birds of a feather

Key Notes

  • David Greis:
  • William Wulf:

Symposium Committee

Symposium Chairs

  • Nell Dale - University of Texas at Austin

Program Chairs

  • Laurie Werth - University of Texas at Austin
  • John Werth - University of Texas at Austin

Panels and Special Sessions

  • Daniel Canas - Wake Forest University


  • Henry Walker - Grinnell College

Birds of a Feather

  • Joyce Brennan -


  • Chris Edmondson-Yurkanan - University of Texas at Austin

Local Arrangements

  • Suzy Gallagher -
  • Paul Myers -