30th SIGCSE TS 1999

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Proceedings SIGCSE '99: The Proceedings of the thirtieth SIGCSE Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education
DatesMarch 24-28, 1999 
LocationNew Orleans, LA, USA
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1999 Awards

1999 SIGCSE Award for Outstanding Contribution to Computer Science Education
Peter Denning. For his efforts in developing a scientific core for operating systems, in formulating a curriculum through the “Denning Report”, and in elucidating Computer Science to the broader scientific community.

1999 SIGCSE Award for Lifetime Service to the Computer Science Education Community
Bob Aiken. Service to SIGCSE, ACM-IFIPS, leader of several Computer Science People-to-People exchanges, dedicated mentor, and advocate for computer science in education both in the US and abroad.

Publication Acceptance Rates
Papers, panels and special sessions are subject to a double blind review process with over 1,600 reviews submitted online.

  accepted submitted acceptance rate
papers 70 190 37%
panels 15 32 47%
seminars 5 8 62%
workshops 23 35 66%

Symposium Committee

Symposium Chair

  • Jane Prey
    University of Virginia

Program Chair

  • Boo Noonan
    College of William & Mary


  • Mike Clancy
    University of California - Berkeley

Seminars and BOF

  • Ingrid Russell
    University of Hartford


  • Doug Baldwin
    SUNY Geneseo


  • Dan Joyce
    Villanova University

Student Posters

  • Ann Sobel
    Miami University
  • Mario Guimaraes
    Texas A&M University

Local Arrangements

  • Jim Jennings
    Tulane University

1st Timers Activities

  • Paul Leidig
    Grand Valley University


  • Don Bailes
    East Tennessee State University


  • Mark Lattanzi
    James Madison University


  • Frank Young
    Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Doctoral Consortium

  • Vicki Almstrum
    The University of Texas at Austin
  • Marian Petre
    Open University


  • Merry McDonald
    Northwest Missouri State University

Student Volunteers

  • Jim Aman
    Wilmington College