30th SIGCSE TS 1999

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Proceedings SIGCSE '99: The Proceedings of the thirtieth SIGCSE Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education
DatesMarch 24-28, 1999 
LocationNew Orleans, LA, USA
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1999 Awards

1999 SIGCSE Award for Outstanding Contribution to Computer Science Education
Peter Denning - For his efforts in developing a scientific core for operating systems, in formulating a curriculum through the “Denning Report”, and in elucidating Computer Science to the broader scientific community.

1999 SIGCSE Award for Lifetime Service to the Computer Science Education Community
Bob Aiken - Service to SIGCSE, ACM-IFIPS, leader of several Computer Science People-to-People exchanges, dedicated mentor, and advocate for computer science in education both in the US and abroad.

Publication Acceptance Rates
Papers, panels and special sessions are subject to a double blind review process with over 1,600 reviews submitted online.

  accepted submitted acceptance rate
papers 70 190 37%
panels 15 32 47%
seminars 5 8 62%
workshops 23 35 66%

Symposium Committee

Symposium Chair

  • Jane Prey
    University of Virginia

Program Chair

  • Boo Noonan
    College of William & Mary


  • Mike Clancy
    University of California - Berkeley

Seminars and BOF

  • Ingrid Russell
    University of Hartford


  • Doug Baldwin
    SUNY Geneseo


  • Dan Joyce
    Villanova University

Student Posters

  • Ann Sobel
    Miami University
  • Mario Guimaraes
    Texas A&M University

Local Arrangements

  • Jim Jennings
    Tulane University

1st Timers Activities

  • Paul Leidig
    Grand Valley University


  • Don Bailes
    East Tennessee State University


  • Mark Lattanzi
    James Madison University


  • Frank Young
    Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Doctoral Consortium

  • Vicki Almstrum
    The University of Texas at Austin
  • Marian Petre
    Open University


  • Merry McDonald
    Northwest Missouri State University

Student Volunteers

  • Jim Aman
    Wilmington College