39th SIGCSE TS 2008

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Proceedings SIGCSE '08: Proceedings of the 39th SIGCSE technical symposium on Computer science education
DatesMarch 12-15, 2008 
LocationPortland, OR, USA
VenueOregon Convention Center
ThemeDiversity through Accessibility
History BlogBlog entry


2008 ACM SIGCSE Award for Outstanding Contribution to Computer Science Education

Randy Pausch

For being an inspirational leader in building programs and environments blending art with science and motivating a world of learners to realize their dreams.

2008 ACM SIGCSE Award for Lifetime Service to the Computer Science Education Community

Dennis J. Frailey

For forty years of exceptional service in industry and academia that stimulated a combined synergy which promoted educational excellence in software engineering and computing education.


Publication Acceptance Rates

  accepted submitted acceptance rate
papers 100 324 31%
panels/special sessions 24 51 47%
workshop 38 75 51%
posters 56 75 75%
birds of a feather 36 43 84%

Key Notes

Symposium Committee

Symposium Chairs

  • Susan Rodger - Duke University
  • John Dougherty - Haverford College

Program Chairs

  • Mark Guzdial - Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Sue Fitzgerald - Metropolitan State University

Panels and Special Sessions

  • Lisa Meeden - Swarthmore College


  • Steven Wolfman - University of British Columbia

Publications Editor

  • Ellen Walker - Hiram College


  • Cary Laxer, Larry Merkle and Lynn Degler - Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology


  • Lisa Kaczmarczyk - University of California

Birds Of A Feather

  • Tom Cortina - Carnegie Mellon University

Student Volunteers and Student Activities

  • Dan Garcia - University of California at Berkeley
  • Jeff Forbes - Duke University


  • Scott Grissom - Grand Valley State University

Database Administrators

  • Henry Walker - Grinnell College
  • John Dooley - Knox College


  • Carl Alphonce - University of Buffalo, SUNY

Childcare/Camp Arrangements

  • Pam Cutter - Kalamazoo College

K-12 Liaison

  • Don Kirkwood - North Salem High School

International Liaison

  • Tony Clear - Auckland University of Technology

Local Arrangements

  • Tammy VanDeGrift - University of Portland

Doctoral Consortium

  • Josh Tenenberg - University of Washington, Tacoma
  • Donald Joyce - Unitec, New Zealand

Roundtable for Department Chairs

  • Frank Young - Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Student Research Competition

  • Ann Sobel - Miami University