Benefits of Membership

Membership in SIGCSE supports the following programs:

  • SIGCSE conferences, which are currently the SIGCSE Technical Symposium, the Conference on Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education (ITiCSE), and the International Computing Education Research (ICER) workshop.
  • Special Projects awards, which support researchers who wish to investigate and introduce new ideas in the learning and teaching of computing.
  • Speaker’s Fund, which supports the dissemination of outstanding SIGCSE Symposium, ITiCSE, or ICER presentations to in-cooperation conferences and benefits computing educators broadly.
  • Travel Grant Program, which supports attendance at the SIGCSE Symposium for first-time faculty and teachers by providing reimbursement for travel.
  • SIGCSE awards (Outstanding Contribution to Computer Science Education and Lifetime Service to the Computer Science Education Community) which honor individuals or groups who have made lasting contributions to the computing education community.
  • The annual Doctoral Consortium in which Ph.D. students discuss their work, receive constructive feedback, and are mentored on important issues with the goal of nurturing the next generation of computing education researchers. SIGCSE provides travel support for attendees and organizers of the consortium.
  • The biennial New Educator’s Workshop which is typically held in conjunction with the SIGCSE Symposium and provides information important to computing educators who are new to academia or who will seek an academic position in the near future. SIGCSE provides travel support for attendees and organizers of the workshop.
  • The biennial Chairs’ Workshop which is typically held in conjunction with the SIGCSE Symposium and provides a forum for discussing and disseminating information relevant to academics who chair computing departments or hold other academic positions. SIGCSE provides support for organizers of the workshop.
  • Kids’ Camp held at the SIGCSE Symposium which provides activities and meals for children of attendees.

Membership in SIGCSE provides the following direct benefits:

  • Four issues of ACM Inroads a magazine dedicated to serve “professionals interested in advancing computing education on a global scale.” A SIGCSE physical-copy membership provides physical copies of the magazine and all memberships receive electronic access to the magazine.
  • A once-a-year CD with the proceedings of SIGCSE-sponsored conferences (SIGCSE Symposium, ITiCSE including the formally reviewed reports of the working groups, and ICER).
  • Four issues of the SIGCSE Bulletin, which are available electronically.
  • Reduced registration rates for the SIGCSE Symposium, ITiCSE, and ICER.
  • Free access to SIGCSE publication archives through the ACM Digital Library.
  • Access to the SIGCSE-ANNOUNCE and SIGCSE-MEMBERS mailing lists.
  • Opportunity to participate in SIGCSE committees on topics of current interest.
  • Eligibility to apply to SIGCSE programs, including Special Projects and the Travel Grant program.
  • Opportunity to network within a community of computing professionals.

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