Mailing Lists

The ACM SIGCSE maintains four moderated mailing lists for announcements and discussion of topics of general interest to SIGCSE members. Subscription is limited to SIGCSE members, and posting is restricted to subscribers.

  • SIGCSE-announce is a low-volume, opt-out, mailing list intended for announcements from the SIGCSE Board, the Chairs of the primary SIGCSE Conferences, and the mailing list managers. Browse or search the SIGCSE-announce archive for previous postings.
  • SIGCSE-members is a moderate-volume, opt-in, mailing list intended for discussion of computer science education. SIGCSE-Members also permits posting of related content, such as scholarship opportunities for students Some types of professional announcements are also allowed on this list. Before posting, please read the Guidelines for Posting to the SIGCSE-members List below for important details. To post a message, send e-mail to SIGCSE-members at This list is fully moderated and has moderate traffic (averages two or three per day). Browse or search the SIGCSE-members archive for previous postings.
  • SIGCSE-volunteers is a low-volume, opt-in, mailing list intended to make volunteer opportunities available to the SIGCSE community. If you joined that list and haven't seen anything yet, don't worry, there have not yet been postings. All Board approved volunteer positions will be posted to both SIGCSE-members and SIGCSE-volunteers. All conference specific volunteer positions will be posted to SIGCSE-volunteers only. We encourage all members to subscribe to this listserv to be made aware of the volunteer opportunities within the organization.
  • SIGCSE-jobs is an unknown-volume, opt-in, mailing list intended for posting jobs of interest to the SIGCSE community. While the list is only open to SIGCSE-members, we will accept SIGCSE-related job posting submissions from non-members.

Most SIGCSE members typically subscribe to SIGCSE-announce and SIGCSE-members. Those who only want to hear about the most important events and activities should subscribe to SIGCSE-announce.

To Be Added or Removed

All SIGCSE members are automatically subscribed to the SIGCSE-announce list. To manage your subscription to the SIGCSE-announce list, log in to and go to the "Electronic Mailing Lists" page.

To be added to or removed from the SIGCSE-members, SIGCSE-volunteers, or SIGCSE-jobs lists send an e-mail with your ACM member number to, which goes to all of the SIGCSE listserv administrators who moderate these lists:

  • Haris Skiadas, Associate Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science - Hanover College, Hanover, IN 47243 USA
  • David Zabner, Ph.D. Student, Education Department - Tufts University, Medford, MA, USA

Guidelines for Posting to the SIGCSE-members List

  1. The Listserv software does not allow us to edit what you send before it is posted. We can only approve or disapprove your original message for posting. Therefore, if your message has an attachment or inappropriately includes a previous posting, we will have to return it to you for editing and resubmission.
  2. Please keep posts brief.
  3. Do not send e-mail with attachments of any sort to the list serves. Even though mime attachments are supposed to work correctly, there is ample historical evidence that they get mangled by the various systems involved in list operations. Incomprehensible garbage annoys many list members. Every time an attachment gets mangled, there are requests to leave the list. We believe that this should be prevented as much as possible.
  4. When you are posting a comment or response to a posting, please do not append the entire original posting. We realize that many e-mail clients do this automatically, but it is very annoying to see a six-line comment followed by a sixty-line copy of the posting that everyone has already seen, usually poorly formatted due to one or more prefix characters and inappropriate line wrapping. (It is even more annoying to see the six-line response AFTER the original sixty-line message!) If you leave the subject of the posting unchanged, your reply will be properly filed in the threaded SIGCSE-members archive, where readers can easily see the original e-mail. Thus, if your e-mail client does this automatically, we request that you please explicitly remove the duplicated original.
  5. If you want responses to come to you, say so very clearly in your message. If a poster does this, responders are requested not to send their responses to the entire list.
  6. Plain text format is strongly preferred to HTML. HTML can cause problems with some mailers and may not be properly interpreted by all mail readers. If your e-mail client automatically appends an HTML version even when you send plain text, please explicitly delete the HTML version before hitting the Send button. We also recommend that you use spaces rather than tabs to help ensure that your posting appears as you intend it to in readers? various e-mail clients.
  7. Please do not post complete articles or long announcements. Rather, post a short note describing why the article or announcement is relevant to SIGCSE members and include a URL that readers can visit if they’re interested in more information.
  8. Please do not post conference announcements and calls for papers when they are not related directly to computer science education. If all such announcements were posted, the list would have much more traffic than most people want. As for articles, post a short note stating why the conference is relevant to SIGCSE members and direct readers to the conference URL. Note that the ACM Calendar has complete information on all upcoming ACM sponsored conferences.

Thank you for your understanding and assistance.

Haris, David, Joshua
SIGCSE Information Co-Directors