Wanted SIGCSE Bulletin Editor

Wanted: SIGCSE Bulletin Editor
With the SIGCSE Bulletin becoming an electronic newsletter separate from ACM Inroads, the electronic Bulletin needs an editor. General Duties:

  • Determine and generate content, within the broad parameters that the SIGCSE Bulletin is an electronic newsletter for SIGCSE members (scholarly work should be directed to one of the SIGCSE conferences, ACM Inroads, or ACM Transactions on Computing Education). ?Determine and generate content? may include soliciting contributions from others as well as writing pieces directly.
  • Ensure that the Bulletin is distributed electronically to SIGCSE members and posted on the SIGCSE official Web site at the beginning of every quarter.
  • Determine the format and appearance of the Bulletin.
  • Report regularly to the SIGCSE Board on the status of the Bulletin, including any need for funds; oversee expenditures of any funds authorized.
  • Respond to or forward, as appropriate, any Bulletin correspondence.
  • Ensure that publication of the Bulletin complies with any applicable ACM policies and SIGCSE Board directions.
  • Recruit or dismiss other volunteers to assist in producing the Bulletin as needed.

Term of Appointment - The SIGCSE Bulletin editor is appointed by the SIGCSE Board, and serves a three-year renewable term. In order to allow start-up time, and to synchronize the editors' terms with the Board election cycle, the first editor will have an initial term of approximately four years, extending from date of appointment until June 30, 2014.

To volunteer yourself or suggest someone else, please contact Barbara Boucher Owens, SIGCSE Chair, at chair@sigcse.org.