Technical Symposium 2020 - International Buddy Program

For the last decade (2010-2019 inclusive) the average symposium attendance was 1,385. The average number of non-US attendees was 101 (7%). Excluding Canada, this falls to 71 (5%). In 2019, a record attendance year, these numbers were actually slightly lower percentage-wise. We would like to see these numbers improve.

With a little more than 6 weeks to go until SIGCSE 2020 we are thrilled to announce that 35 non-US attendees have opted-in to the new International Buddy Program. That’s more than one-third of the last decade’s average non-US attendance! We are now in the process of matching up attendees. However, we would really like to match people one-on-one, and we currently have only 25 experienced attendees who have opted in, leaving us short 10 experienced attendees.

So, if you haven’t yet registered and consider yourself to be an experienced SIGCSE attendee (regardless of where you are from), please do consider opting in to be paired up with a non-US attendee. Also, if you consider yourself to be an experienced attendee and have already registered, but didn’t opt in, you are free to change your mind - just drop me an email.

For more on the Buddy Program, see

We will make final numbers of the first Symposium Buddy Program available at the conference.

See you in Portland!


Dr Brett A. Becker Assistant Professor School of Computer Science, University College Dublin @brettabecker International Liaison, SIGCSE Technical Symposium 2020, Portland, Oregon, USA, March 11-14, 2020