2021 SIGCSE Business Meeting

The SIGCSE Organization is required to hold a business meeting each year. Normally this meeting is held during the Technical Symposium. Due to the virtual nature of the symposium this year and the challenges in scheduling in this new format, the board felt it best to hold the annual business meeting immediately following the conference.

As with the online business meeting last year, we are providing two opportunities for the SIGCSE membership to attend the meeting. Both meetings will present the same content, but are at different times to try to accommodate as much of our global audience as possible.

Registration is required for the events. Please click on one of the two links below to register.

These meetings will be recorded and posted to the SIGCSE website. If you have questions you would like to submit to the board before the meetings, please use this Google form.

Adrienne Decker
On behalf of the SIGCSE Board 2019-2022