2022 SIGCSE Board Election slate

In accordance with ACM Bylaw 6, SIGCSE will hold an election for its Executive Board in April 2022. The following is the current slate for that election:


  • Alison Clear, New Zealand
  • Judith Gal-Ezer, Israel


  • Brett Becker, Ireland
  • Paul Denny, New Zealand


  • Mark W. Bailey, USA
  • Jill Denner, USA


  • MaryAnne Egan, USA
  • Dan Garcia, USA

At-Large Members

  • Bedour Alshaigy, UK
  • Rodrigo Duran, Brazil
  • Catherine Lang, Australia
  • Anne-Kathrin Peters, Sweden
  • Yolanda Rankin, USA
  • Judithe Sheard, Australia
  • Cheryl Swanier, USA

ACM’s Policy and Procedures on SIG Elections require that those SIGs holding elections notify their membership of candidates for elected offices. Additional candidates may be placed on the ballot by petition. All candidates must be ACM Professional Members, as well as members of SIGCSE. Anyone interested in petitioning must inform ACM Headquarters, Pat Ryan (ryanp@hq.acm.org), and Leo Porter (leporter@eng.ucsd.edu), who is the current secretary of SIGCSE, of their intent to petition by 15 March 2022. Petitions must be submitted to ACM Headquarters for verification by 1 April 2022.

My deepest thanks go out to the other members of the 2022 SIGCSE Election Committee for their hard work in soliciting and vetting nominations:

  • Aleata Hubbard Cheuoua, WestEd, USA
  • Michelle Craig, University of Toronto, Canada
  • Adrienne Decker, University at Buffalo, USA
  • Simon, The University of Newcastle, Australia
  • Neena Thota, University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA
  • Jan Vahrenhold, WWU Münster, Germany

Amber Settle
SIGCSE immediate past chair
SIGCSE 2022 election committee chair