Volunteer positions that require Board approval

Approved by the SIGCSE Board: March 9, 2017
Updated: October 29, 2017; October 27, 2018; (webpage updated August 8, 2019)

For a list of all the volunteer positions, visit this page.

Conference organizers
  • Technical Symposium Conference and Program co-chairs (2 conferences) 1
  • ITiCSE Conference and Program co-chairs (2 conferences) 1
  • ICER Site and Program co-chairs (2 conferences) 1
  • CompEd Conference and Program co-chairs (2 conferences) 1
Event organizers
  • DC Coordinators (2 year term) 1
  • New Educators’ workshop organizers (2 workshops) 2
  • Chairs’ Roundtable organizers (2 workshops) 2
Other positions
  • Symposium Site Selection committee chairs (4 year term) 1
  • Symposium Site Selection pool members (ongoing)
  • Symposium exhibitor liaisons (3 conference term, renewable once)
  • Symposium Registration Team (3 conference term, renewable once)
  • ITiCSE Steering Committee members (3 year term)
  • CompEd Steering Committee chair (2 conferences)
  • CompEd Steering Committee members (2 conferences)
  • Bulletin editors (3 year term, renewable once) 1
  • Communication administrators for: listservs, ICER submission/database, SIGCSE Technical Symposium submission/database, sigcse.org (3 year term, renewable once)
  • Social media coordinator (3 year term, renewable once)
  • Special Projects/Speaker’s Fund/Travel Grant reviewers (3 year term, renewable once)

Volunteer positions NOT approved by the Board

The following positions are not approved by the SIGCSE Board but input is solicited from the board.

  • ACM Inroads editors


  1. SIGCSE Board members are not permitted to be appointed to these positions.
  2. New Educators' and Chairs' Roundtable workshops are run on alternate years.

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