Corporate Sponsorship

ACM SIGCSE encourages commercial and industrial organizations to participate in SIGCSE-sponsored events in exchange for financial support. Commercial or industrial participation in and support of SIGCSE Symposia and Conferences must be in harmony with the purpose and theme of the Conference. Examples of past vendors include software designers, textbook publishers, research units, headhunters, and special interest organizations. Financial support at Conferences will be acknowledged in appropriate ways, for example with a sign at the event or in the Conference program with a corporate logo.

The following are examples of ways in which commercial and industrial organizations might sponsor an event at a SIGCSE Symposium or Conference.

  • Exhibits: A company may provide an exhibit in the exhibits area. Some companies include floor events or presentations, others simply display goods or provide information about their services.
  • Special Events: A company may contribute toward an event during a Conference. For example, at the SIGCSE Technical Symposium, various companies contribute toward the Thursday newcomers lunch, the Thursday evening reception, the Friday luncheon, and the coffee breaks.
  • Give-Away Items: Companies often donate give-away items such as pads, pens, folders, t-shirts, media, or other items in harmony with the Conference. Such give-away items might be part of each attendee's welcome packet or distributed via other means such as a booth in the exhibits area.
  • Vendor Sessions: At the discretion of the Conference Committee, companies supporting the Conference at various levels may have the opportunity to offer one or more Vendor Sessions as part of a separate Commercial Track of the Conference. A Vendor Session could include tutorials, case studies, or other types of presentations that highlight technical aspects of their products or services. For example, presenters could be professors, instructors, or industry experts on the product or service. Vendor Sessions are not part of the technical program for the Conference but are scheduled in parallel with the technical sessions.