ITiCSE Organisation and Governance

Goal:​ Make ITiCSE the premier International Computing Education Conference in Europe.

  • Responsibility for the conference will be shared between ACM SIGCSE, ACM Europe and Informatics Europe. ACM SIGCSE will take a lead in the organisation of the conference, and ACM Europe and Informatics Europe will have permanent representation on the steering committee. Informatics Europe (IE) is the organization of European informatics departments and industrial research institutions.
  • All three organisations will market the conference to their members, with the aim at creating a unified, lively, active and inclusive computing education community across Europe, and across different membership organisations.
  • The conference will be overseen by a Steering Committee. This committee will have 5 members who will serve terms of 3 years with the potential to do at most two consecutive terms. Some members may have connections with multiple organisations. At any point there should be at least one member from each of ACM Europe and Informatics Europe, two members chosen by the SIGCSE board and one SIGCSE Board member. (For further information on the steering committee composition, see the ITiCSE Steering Committee document.)
  • The Steering Committee will be responsible for steering the conference, for setting scope and focus of content, and for maintaining a high standard of quality. It will select and support annual conference committees as outlined in the ITiCSE Steering Committee document, and ensure transfer of expertise across conferences.
  • The Steering Committee reports to the ACM SIGCSE board.

SIGCSE continues to be responsible for the costs of the conference. SIGCSE retains all surpluses or funds all losses. Site visits are covered by the SIGCSE organization.


The new governance structure will take effect in July 2018 after ITiCSE 2018. Starting July 2018, after the ITiCSE 2018 conference, each of ACM Europe and Informatics Europe will appoint one representative to the current steering committee. The committee will have three continuing SIGCSE representatives, appointed by the SIGCSE board, as well as the SIGCSE board liaison. After ITiCSE 2019, the number of SIGCSE representatives will be reduced to two in addition to the SIGCSE board member.


There is no desire to make substantive changes to the format of the conference. Length, session types, working groups, etc. are envisaged to continue as previously. Any potential future changes will be the responsibility of the Steering Committee subject to the approval of the SIGCSE Board.