SIGCSE Volunteer Travel Policy

Approved by the SIGCSE Board: May 12, 2008
Updated: January 27, 2016; October 27, 2018; January 14, 2019 Updated: June 17, 2023 - updated urls to ACM pages

This policy applies to travel by the SIGCSE Board members and Board representatives. Additional requirements regarding travel may be found in the Travel Policy and Procedure for ACM Volunteers. It is assumed that all SIGCSE representatives will follow ACM guidelines.

SIGCSE Board Members

SIGCSE Board Meetings

These are typically held twice a year. Full travel support is provided for Board members.

Alignment with a SIGCSE Conference - When a Board meeting is held in conjunction with a SIGCSE conference (as is typical with the symposium and occasionally true for other conferences), additional nights of accommodation and meals required to attend the SIGCSE conference are also covered. [Rationale:]{.underline} Board subcommittees meet intermittently throughout the conference and meet with members as needed during the conference. Board members are expected to attend this conference and any meetings (such as the business meeting at the Symposium) associated with it.


Travel support is provided to attend the Technical Symposium, ITiCSE, ICER and CompEd. [Rationale:]{.underline} Chair, or the chair’s designate, is expected to attend all conferences. Travel support is also provided for the chair, or the chair’s designate, to attend SIG governing board meetings (twice a year).

Other Travel

Other travel by Board members for SIGCSE related business may be supported on a case by case basis as determined by the Board. For example, in September 2009 the Board decided to support travel for the chair to attend and represent SIGCSE at the January 2009 Rebooting Computing Summit.

Other SIGCSE Volunteers

Traditionally, the Board has supported the following travel for non-Board member volunteers. However, volunteers should inquire with the SIGCSE Treasurer regarding informal approval by the Board before the volunteers submit their Travel Approval Form.

SIGCSE Bulletin Editor(s)

Full travel support is provided for one editor to attend each Board meeting, typically held twice a year. If a Board meeting is held in conjunction with a SIGCSE conference, the editor will receive reimbursement for travel costs to and from the meeting site and up to two nights of hotel accommodation to attend the meeting.

ACM Inroads Editor(s)

Full travel support is provided for one editor to attend the February/March Board meeting, usually held in conjunction with the SIGCSE Symposium.

Department Chairs Roundtable Coordinators

Two night’s accommodation for each of two coordinators. If there are more than two coordinators, the four hotel-nights should be divided appropriately. For example, in 2009 there were four coordinators, each receiving one night.

New Faculty Roundtable
  • Coordinators - Two night’s accommodation for each of two coordinators.
  • Participants - Lunch and break for all participants. At the discretion of the Board a nominal event fee may be charged of the participants to help pay for the expenses, particularly if the number of participants is unusually large (e.g., much more than 20).
Doctoral Consortium
  • Lunch and snacks provided.

  • Senior Coordinator - Travel support up to $1000 (including at most two nights in hotel). If the senior coordinator’s expenses greatly exceed the specified amount s/he can petition the Board for additional travel support, although such support is subject to budgetary constraints.

  • Junior Coordinator - Travel support up to $2000 (including at most two nights in hotel).

  • Discussants - Two nights of hotel accommodation.

  • Participants - Typically graduate students. Standard support is up to $600, which can cover travel or ICER registration. Extra money, up to $200 per participant, may be available for those who have travel expenses greatly exceeding the standard support. This is subject to budgetary constraints, and the total extra support may not exceed $2000 per year.

  • Note: ACM does not allow reimbursement of conference registration for professionals, thus coordinators and discussants, attending ICER, must pay their registration or have it waived by the ICER conference.

Conference Site Visits by SIGCSE Representatives

Travel support is provided for the site coordinators to visit and evaluate potential sites for the SIGCSE Symposium and the ITiCSE conference.

SIGCSE Symposium Conference Chairs’ Visits to Conference Sites

Travel support for an initial visit to a conference site is covered by SIGCSE. Subsequent visits are charged to the conference.

Award Winners

Outstanding Contribution to Computer Science Education, and Lifetime Service - Each receives a check for $2,500 and travel support to attend the symposium. The travel support includes coach class airfare, three days of meals for the recipient, and two nights of hotel for the recipient and his/her significant other/partner/spouse. Symposium registration is also provided for the recipient and his/her significant other/partner/spouse (if desired).

  • Unless otherwise indicated, travel support includes transportation, meals, and accommodations for the number of nights required to participate in the event. If travel is by air, only nonrefundable coach airfare is covered.
  • As mentioned previously, SIGCSE follows the ACM SIG Travel Guidelines, uses the ACM Travel Authorization Form, and Expense Reimbursement Template. The ACM Travel Authorization Form must be submitted to the SIGCSE Treasurer prior to travel.