Distinguished Service to Computer Science Education

The ACM SIGCSE Award for Distinguished Service to the Computer Science Education Community honors an individual who has a history of volunteer service to the computer science education community. This service, which is not limited to service to SIGCSE, may take many forms, such as professional society leadership, conference organization, outreach efforts, editorial board participation, or any of a number of other types of service to the computer science education community. Awards may recognize service at any level, for example: K-12, college, graduate, or continuing post-college. This award was initiated in 1997. This award was previously called Lifetime Service. As of 2024, it has been renamed as Distinguished Service.

Information about the nomination processes for this award is available here: Outstanding Contribution and Distinguished Service awards.

Here is the list of the 28 award winners along with a citation that briefly describes why they earned the award:

2024: Chris Stephenson

For outstanding lifelong service to K-16+ computing education, making indelible contributions to support computer science educators, establishing computing education standards, and developing computing curricula that will continue to impact generations of children to come.

2023: Renée McCauley

For more than two decades of exemplary service to SIGCSE, the computing education community and ACM; her mentoring and encouragement to others; and her leadership in increasing the global impact of SIGCSE.

2022: Simon

For exemplary service to the international computing education community through his tireless dedication to conference organisation, and his generous mentoring and leadership in research and education.

2021: Cary Laxer

For his profound and impactful service to SIGCSE, his positive impact on computer science education, his ongoing support of SIGCSE conferences, and for being an inspiration, a mentor, and a friend to all.

2020: Alison Clear

For sustained commitment and dedication to computing educators, computing education, excellence in teaching and research and innovative curriculum design nationally and internationally.

2019: Gloria Childress Townsend

For seventeen years of dedicated service to ACM's Council on Women in Computing, while transforming her vision for ACM Celebrations into a global project that supports thousands of women around the world.

2018: Eric Roberts

For outstanding service to computing education, making significant contributions to computing curricula and pedagogy, and generously sharing his knowledge and wisdom through mentoring and guidance to others in the computing education community.

2017: Mats Daniels

For more than two decades of dedicated service to computing education research, building and supporting the international network of computing educators.

2016: Barbara Boucher Owens

For her extraordinary record of service to the computing education community for working relentlessly to grow the effectiveness of SIGCSE as a global leader in computer education and for being an inspiration, a mentor, and a friend to all.

2015: Frank Young

For over 40 years of service to the computing education community that exemplifies the term "lifetime service" and for serving as a role model and mentor to generations of students and faculty.

2014: Andrea Lawrence

For dedication to the computing education community, serving as a role model and mentor to students and faculty, improving diversity in computing education, making computing education available to everyone, and for helping students and faculty to "Find a way or make one".

2013: Henry Walker

For dedication to the computing education community, including within SIGCSE and APCS, development of curricula and pedagogy, authoring a articles and textbooks, creation and support of conference submission software, mentoring of students and faculty, and consulting with departments to advance excellence in computing education.

2012: Jane Prey

For her love of and dedication to the computing education community -- academic, industry, government and professional societies; and for her tireless efforts in encouraging more students, especially women, to pursue education and careers in computing.

2011: Gordon Davies

For many years of valuable and generous service to the computing education community including contributions through active membership on international committees, working groups, and conference program committees.

2010: Peter J. Denning

For forty years of exceptional service in industry and academia that stimulated a combined synergy which promoted educational excellence in software engineering and computing curricula.

2009: Michael Clancy

For thirty years of outstanding, lasting contributions and research in computer science education: "Oh Pascal!", case studies, AP leadership, lab-based instruction, self-paced innovation, and mentoring.

2008: Dennis J. Frailey

For forty years of exceptional service in industry and academia that stimulated a combined synergy which promoted educational excellence in software engineering and computing education.

2007: John Impagliazzo

For extraordinary services to computing education, with particular contributions to the SIGCSE Bulletin, to international conferences on computing history, to accreditation leadership, and to curricula development.

2006: Joyce Currie Little

In honor of her service on the SIGCSE Board, the ACM Education Board, numerous conference committees; and for her contributions to computing in two year colleges, to certification and to professionalism in the discipline.

2005: Andrew McGettrick

For outstanding service and direction to the computing community in the UK and abroad. Member ACM Education Board, membership and significant influence on CC2001 final report, author of Report on Benchmark Levels for Computing, November 2000 Report on Benchmark Levels for Computing.

2004: Bruce Klein

Recognized for exemplary service to ACM, extraordinary commitment to SIGCSE, mentoring of SIGCSE members. ACM SIG Board task forces, ACM Education Board, SIGCSE Executive Board 2001 to 2007 as chair and past chair, past ITiCSE Conference and Technical Symposium chair, program committees.

2003: Harriet Taylor

Creative leader, researcher, supportive teacher. Past SIGCSE officer, representative to NECC, contributor to National Educational Technology Standards, UNESCO informatics curriculum, ISTE project for accreditation in technology for NCATE, the accreditation body for Colleges of Education, chair or program chair of numerous other education related conferences.

2002: A. Joe Turner

Dedication to students, colleagues and the profession both in the United States and abroad. Chair or officer in: ACM, ACM Education Board, Curriculum '91 Task Force, Computer Science Accreditation Board, IFIP Working Group 3.2 (University Informatics Education), National Educational Computing Association.

2001: Lillian N. (Boots) Cassel

Past chair of SIGCSE, and its Technical Symposium, leader in computer science accreditation, tireless advocate for computer science education supporting both faculty and students.

2000: James Miller

Tireless editor of the SIGCSE Bulletin 1982-1997.

1999: Bob Aiken

Service to SIGCSE, ACM-IFIPS, leader of several Computer Science People-to-People exchanges, dedicated mentor, and advocate for computer science in education both in the US and abroad.

1998: Della Bonnette

Past chair of SIGCSE and Technical Symposium chair, editor of the SIGCSE bulletin, leadership in accreditation including chairing CSAC, years on CSAB Board of Directors, ACM SIG Board, area director.

1997: Dick Austing

Editor on several curriculum recommendation documents in almost every area of computer science, including Curriculum '78, 2-year Task Force Report. Service as registrar for many SIGCSE conferences both before and after computerized registration. SIGCSE Technical Symposium chair. Founding ACM Fellow."