Working Groups

A Working Group comprises a team of typically 5 to 10 researchers who work together on a project related to computing education. Working Groups are a special feature of ITiCSE and have been part of the conference since its beginning in 1996. In 2019 Working Groups will also convene at the inaugural CompEd conference.

Working Groups provide a wonderful opportunity to work intensively on a topic of interest with an international group of computing education researchers. Working groups begin work electronically for several months before convening for face-to-face work at the conference. At the end of the face-to-face meeting the groups submit a draft report that is refined over the following few weeks. The reports are reviewed and, if accepted, published in the ACM digital library.

Signing up to a Working Group is a commitment to hard work … but rewarding and unforgettable experiences. Working Group reports are some of the most cited computing education publications in the ACM Digital Library.

More information about the ITiCSE Working Group reports.