ACM Advanced Membership Grades

Last updated January, 2019

The Awards Committee of the SIGCSE Board is interested in raising the profile of computing education, and we believe that one way to do this is to have more SIGCSE members identified as Advanced Members of the ACM. There are three advanced membership grades available: Senior, Distinguished, and Fellow. Requirements, due dates, nomination forms and FAQs about each of these grades are available here:

     ACM Awards.

A very useful reference is an article by Marc Snir & Telle Whitney in the July 2010 CACM:

     Advice to members seeking ACM distinction.

Feel free to contact either Amber Settle if you have questions.


This is ACM's most prestigious member grade recognizing the top 1% of ACM members for their outstanding accomplishments in computing and information technology and/or outstanding service to ACM and the larger computing community. Applications are due annually at the beginning of September. Fellows require five endorsements from current ACM Professional Members and must be nominated by an ACM Professional Member.

SIGCSE members who are ACM Fellows:

William Richards Adrion Robert M Aiken Tracy Camp Robert S Cartwright
Jack Davidson Peter J Denning Dennis J. Frailey Frank L Friedman
Juan E. Gilbert Mark Guzdial Richard E. Ladner Joyce Currie Little
Michael Littman Dianne Martin William B Poucher John Mark Pullen
Eric S Roberts Larry Snyder Bhavani Thuraisingham Albert J Turner
Stuart Zweben

Distinguished Member

This membership grade recognizes members with exemplary achievements that have advanced the science, engineering and education of computing. Applications are due annually on August 1.
This award level requires at least 15 years of professional experience and the ability to demonstrate that the member has had significant accomplishments or impact in the computing field. Distinguished Members must be nominated by a current ACM Professional Member.

SIGCSE members with Distinguished grades:

Joel Adams Distinguished Educator
Christine Alvarado Distinguished Educator
Owen Astrachan Distinguished Educator
Tim Bell Distinguished Educator
Mordechai Ben-Ari Distinguished Educator
Judith Bishop Distinguished Educator
Martin C Carlisle Distinguished Educator
Michael E. Caspersen Distinguished Educator
Lillian (Boots) Cassel Distinguished Educator
Gail Chapman Distinguished Member
Michael J Clancy Distinguished Educator
Steve Cooper Distinguished Educator
Michelle Craig Distinguished Educator
James H. Cross II Distinguished Member
Mats Daniels Distinguished Scientist
Wanda Dann Distinguished Educator
Marie DesJardins Distinguished Scientist
Suzanne W Dietrich Distinguished Educator
Laura Dillon Distinguished Scientist
Stephen H Edwards Distinguished Educator
Alan D Fekete Distinguished Scientist
Sally Fincher Distinguished Scientist
Armando Fox Distinguished Scientist
Dan Garcia Distinguished Educator
Juan E Gilbert Distinguished Scientist
Jeff Gray Distinguished Educator
Elizabeth K Hawthorne Distinguished Educator
Lane A Hemaspaandra Distinguished Scientist
Andre van der Hoek Distinguished Scientist
Cay S. Horstmann Distinguished Member
Matt Huenerfauth Distinguished Member
John Impagliazzo Distinguished Educator
Doug Jacobson Distinguished Educator
Charles F. Kelemen Distinguished Educator
Michael Kolling Distinguished Educator
Renee McCauley Distinguished Member
Andrew McGettrick Distinguished Member
Ethan L Miller Distinguished Scientist
Thomas L Naps Distinguished Educator
Barbara Boucher Owens Distinguished Educator
Richard Pattis Distinguished Educator
Marian Petre Distinguished Scientist
Sushil K Prasad Distinguished Scientist
Ramon C Puigjaner Distinguished Educator
Susan Rodger Distinguished Educator
Clifford A Shaffer Distinguished Educator
Judithe Sheard Distinguished Member
Lynn Andrea Stein Distinguished Member
Chris Stephenson Distinguished Member
David S Touretzky Distinguished Scientist
Henry M Walker Distinguished Educator
Robert A. Walker Distinguished Scientist
Kevin D Wayne Distinguished Educator
Mark Weiss Distinguished Educator

Senior Member

ACM members can apply for the first advanced membership grade, Senior Membership, approximately every three months. Senior Membership requires at least 10 years of professional experience, including graduate school, and 5 years of continuous Professional Membership. Senior members are self-nominating, and three letters of recommendation from colleagues are required.

SIGCSE members with Senior grade:

Rajeev Agrawal Jennifer (Ginger) Alford Sheila Anand Barbara Anthony
David Arnow Reyyan Ayfer Douglas Baldwin Valerie Barr
Rebecca A Bates Joseph A Bergin Cindy Bethel Benjamin Bishop
Jean Blair Gedare Bloom    
Richard Blumenthal Mike Borowczak Peter Brusilovsky Suzanne Buchele
Eric Brunvand Paul E Buis    
Jennifer Campbell Jeffrey C Carver Vincent A Cicirello John Cigas
Alison Clear Thomas Cortina Venu G Dasigi Janet Davis
Susan Dean Adrienne Decker Arati Mehul Dixit John Dooley
John P Dougherty J.Philip East Ali Ebnenasir Kurt Eiselt
Barbara Jane Ericson Vladimir Estivill-Castro Rudolf Fleischer Timothy Fossum
Edward F Gehringer Paul V. Gestwicki Don Goelman Timothy A Gonsalves
Rebecca Grasser William Grosky Jesse M Heines James Heliotis
Daryl Hepting Mark A Holliday Ellis Horowitz Matt Huenerfauth
Meriel Huggard Kip Irvine Jeremy R Johnson Lawrence G Jones
Daniel T Joyce Jennifer S. Kay Carsten Kleiner Can Kultur
Deepak Kumar Clif Kussmaul Niels Muller Larsen Cary Laxer
Robert R. Lewis Haifei LI Fuhua (Oscar) Lin Lin  
Erik Linstead Vicente Ferreira de Lucena    
Roman Lysecky Cynthia R Marling Bruce R Maxim Ciaran Mc Goldrick
Renee McCauley John W McCormick Kevin W McCullen Monica McGill
James McGuffee John G Meinke Panagiotis Takis Metaxas James Miller
Antonija Mitrovic William Mongan Freeman L Moore Michael O Moorman
Patricia A Morreale Amos Olagunju Emmanuel Onyeador  
Michael Oudshoorn Scott P Overmyer    
Panagiotis Papadimitratos Abelardo Pardo Viera Krnanova Proulx Kristal Ray
Samuel A. Rebelsky Donna S Reese Stefan A Robila Guido Roessling
Anthony S Ruocco Amber Settle Kelly Shaw Richard E Smith
Peter Sommerlad Chris Stephenson Daniel R. Tauritz Eli Tilevich
Paul Tymann Appie Van de Liefvoort Michael Van Hilst Tammy VanDeGrift
Jan Vahrenhold      
Kam H Vat J. Angel Velazquez-Iturbide Ellen L Walker Jerod Weinman
Steven A Wolfman Xiaochun Yang Mohamed M Zahran