SIGCSE Bulletin

The SIGCSE Bulletin is a quarterly newsletter that was first published in 1969. It evolved from an informal gathering of news and ideas to a venue for columns, editor-reviewed articles, research announcements, editorials, symposium proceedings, etc.

In 2010, with the inception of ACM Inroads magazine, the SIGCSE Bulletin was transformed into an electronic newsletter sent to all SIGCSE members providing communications about SIGCSE: announcing activities, publicizing events, and highlighting topics of interest. In other words it has returned to its roots.

The past four issues of the bulletin are available below:

You can access the most recent issue and past issues of the SIGCSE Bulletin in the ACM Digital Library (DL). Note that access to the DL version is a SIGCSE member benefit - if you are a SIGCSE member then you should have access to all the SIGCSE materials in the DL, even if you do not have full access to the DL.